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Miami Tower - 100 SE 2nd St.

MIAMI, FL 33131



Copyright © 2005-2024 MTW GROUP All rights reserved




Miami Tower - 100 SE 2nd St.

MIAMI, FL 33131






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SMES, Mid-Market and StartUp companies interested in entering the U.S. market with a structured plan to support the new business development within the domestic US market and if applicable to the business model of the enterprise to the nearby markets of Latin America and the Caribbean marketplace.

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Giving Extra Strength


Boostering the market entry plan and increasing the trust of American buyers/Partners thanks to a legal entity as a company registered in the State of Florida and as such benefitting of being directly present in the world’s largest economy in the world and in the US state that drives global economic growth. For both targets (SMEs and Mid-Markets) the competitive advantage results in the direct presence of its own headquarters in Miami which acts as a trading company or as a regional headquarters to manage the business in the different markets: USA, Canada, LATAM Latin America, Caribbean.


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  • Analysis of the company's business model and the business flows generated in the US market


  • Drafting the business plan of the company registered in Miami, FL defining company’s objectives and how it plans to achieve its goals


  • Company Registration as an LLC or Inc., incorporated in the State of Florida (with the advantage of 100% foreign ownership) inclusive of: 

         – Articles of Organization

         – Share Certificate

         – Business Registration Certificate (issued by the

         – Florida Department of State, Div. of Corporations) 


  • Registered Address in Miami, FL (initially registered at the address of our MTW GROUP Corporate HQ at the Miami Tower in Miami, FL)


  • Local Registered Agent service (a manager of MTW GROUP) as required by US corporate law in the event that foreign Shareholders do not wish to appear as Directors or are resident outside the USA


  • Business Bank Account opening at a leading international credit institution in Miami, FL


·       Dedicated telephone number, with call forwarding service. 

·       Incoming mail notification service

·       Use of our Corporate office in Miami equipped with a meeting room, conference room and video conference, for B2B meetings

·       Corporate Accounting and Administrative Services

·       Corporate Tax Filing


If the newly incorporated company intends to operate the Regional Office in Miami independently: 

·       Real Estate assistance for the office space search in Corporate Building in Miami, FL

·       Head Hunting assistance for recruiting Personnel and Managers on site

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However, the LLC can be transformed into an INC.


The management of the LLC can be either handled by the LLC members or delegated to non-member managers. This is the frequent case of LLCs whose members are resident abroad and therefore delegate the management of the company to a manager who is resident resident in the USA and present in the city/state where the LLC is registered (e.g. MTW GROUP acting as Registered Agent and/or American manager of the LLC registered in the State of Florida).


The LLC is also called “transparent company” or "pass through entity": it does not present a balance sheet and does not make a tax return as the income of the LLC is taxed directly to the members according to the percentage of participation in the capital.

To date, the taxation of the LLC member amounts to 15.3% of the net income. The LLC can decide for tax purposes to opt to be considered as an INC and therefore switch to the INC tax regime in place since 2018 and equal to the Flax Tax of 21%, thus benefiting from a reduction compared to the individual income tax.

Income tax of individuals who are residents of the United States are subject to tax on their income from whatever source and wherever in the world it is produced.

The state of Florida offers one of the most advantageous tax regimes in the USA, with no personal income tax and a reduced sales tax.


Non-resident individual persons (e.g. Italians not resident in the USA but owners of LLCs) are taxed only on US source income. Furthermore, tax residents are taxed on the Capital Gain while non-residents are also exempt with regards to the Capital Gain derived from the sale of shares of an American company.



The American company registered as LLC, Limited Liability Company, is an entity with a mixed corporate structure. It has the same limited liability on invested capital as a joint-stock company but for tax purposes it is considered as a partnership. Based on the needs of the members, it is therefore possible to choose whether to apply a tax regime such as a Corporation or a Partnership.


The LLC is established through a deed of incorporation which is called "Articles of Organization" whose content varies based on the State of incorporation but is highly simplified since among the advantages of the LLC compared to the INC the LLC does not have a defined corporate object but the wording "anything legal" can be inserted as the corporate object (which indicates "any legal activity" so as to be able to use your LLC to undertake many types of different activities (as long as they are always legal).


The LLC can have a single member (e.g. sole owner with 100% of the shares) as well as multiple members (100% split between 2 or more members), who are holders not of shares but of units that are issued to place of actions


The members of the LLC are responsible, as in the case of Corporations, for the debts contracted by the LLC, but only within the maximum limit constituted by the capital of the company even in the case of a single member. 

An aspect that makes the LLC particularly interesting is that no minimum capital is required to set it up. Due to its simplification, the LLC is today the type of organization preferred by US companies, from start-ups to large companies, because it is ideal for those who want to carry out a commercial activity in the USA avoiding the formal complexities of the INC such as the necessary presence of a board of directors, the shareholders' meeting and the meeting of the board of directors

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